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Steven Gardner Candidate for County Commissioner
I appreciate your vote on November 3, 2020!
  • Working for the common good is the reason I am on this Earth, and by my faith I’ll be guided to help achieve what matters for all of us: safe community, opportunity to prosper and space to provide a bright future for our families.

  • Everyone, no matter their background, origins or faith tradition, deserves respect and compassion, no exceptions.​​

  • Leaders need a steady temperament and the vision to look past what is to what can be, to achieve 21st Century solutions.

  • Listening thoughtfully and respectfully is paramount to good decision-making.

  • Hate is not a Willmar or Kandiyohi County value, and I will call it out by its name when I see it.

  • The diversity of our community is our strength; a variety of experiences and perspectives allows for greater vision and new ways of problem-solving.

Steve's Core Beliefs

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